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Absolute Mining Consultants PTY Ltd. is a specialist mining engineering consulting firm.

We specialise in providing clients tailor made and inventive solutions to their mining consulting needs. We have assisted clients across all commodity types and all mining method types, to arrive at unique solutions to their challenges and problems.

Underground Mining

Some of our clients:

What our clients say:

“Gold Fields South Deep Mine approached Absolute Mining Consultants in 2018 to conduct conceptual studies for alternative mine designs that can potentially increase daily production volumes from the current constraint destress mining method. In addition to this project, the scope also included evaluating the current planning process, linking business planning with medium and short-term planning at the granularity required to execute the operational schedules.

Abmincon delivered South Deep Mine with various conceptional alternatives that could potentially increase operational output more safely and cost effectively. One of the conceptional designs is scheduled for trial in 2020. The consultation teams worked well with the on-mine teams to collectively achieved the required results. All objectives and milestones were achieved in time and with the highest quality.”